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Mawenzi Computer Systems (MCS) is an ICT and a Software Development Company that specializes in the development of custom made software solutions.

At MCS we assist companies met their business goals by improving their operational efficiencies and productivities, by designing efficient and user friendly software products for them.

We not only help our clients to automate their business operations, but also convert their automated systems into reliable decision support solutions. A good software solution should help you make informed decisions, allow efficient and reliable information sharing. Your Software solution should be accommodative and adaptive to the dynamics of businesses, new ideas and requirements should easily be incorporated into the existing systems. That is one reason we take a lot of pride at MCS, We welcome new changes and ideas from our customers and the market in general, and update update existing solutions to ensure our customers remain up to date with the market trends and also competitive. Our solutions are cost friendly and we give flexible and friendly payment schedules.

We have a passion in developing working solutions with commendable quality standards as expected by the clients. We have developed many products for clients who are in the tourism/travel industries, including: Airline Reservation system, Hotel Reservation Systems, Tour operation information management, booking card system for managing sales for airline tickets. These solutions are widely used in Kenya and the East African Region. We have developed a cargo tracking software for a clearing and forwarding agent in Dare salaam, Tanzania. We basically can develop software for any organization, profit or non-profit, government or non-government, educational, banking, transport, entertainment or any other.

We have valuable experience in developing desktop as well as web based solutions. We use various technologies ranging from Microsoft, Oracle, and open source development tools. We maintain mutual and rewarding relationships with our clients.

Partner with MCS and allow us empower your business with ICT technologies.